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Keep an eye on your home with unique Wi-Fi cameras

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It is easier than ever to keep an eye on your home, your kids and your dog when you're not there.  So many companies are out with Wi-Fi connected cameras.  A few of them stick out from the pack with unique features.  I tested out 2 that might be worth your consideration.

Logi Circle - $200

The Logi Circle is one of the first consumer Wi-Fi cameras from Logitech.  It's small and looks cute!  It comes in white or black.

Hardware-wise it has a 1080p camera although only records video at 720p right now.  That could change with a software update in the future.  There is no local storage so all video is recorded into the cloud.  Logitech gives you access to the last 24 hours for free, longer plans are expected later this year.  You can save any clip from the cloud to your smartphone.

The unique thing about the Circle is that it has a built-in battery.  It detaches from the magnetic base so you can place the camera anywhere.  The battery will give you about 2 hours of straight streaming but much longer if you put it into battery saving mode.  It worked great in my tests as long as you keep it within your Wi-Fi network.  The mobility of the Circle is a huge selling point.

I tested it using the Android app and I have to say that it's one of the cleanest, slickest camera apps I have used yet.  Accessing previously recorded clips is very easy with the sliding timeline on the right side of the screen.  You can also get a fun time lapse of the last 24 hours.  It uses AI to select the most interesting moments and crunch all of that into a 30 second clip.  Unique and fun!

The Logi Circle is easily one of the best Wi-Fi cameras.  There are a lot of them and the Circle sits with the Nest Cam at the top.  It's easy to setup, looks great, has an awesome app and a rechargeable battery that adds a unique feature.   I also love that the base level of cloud recording is included for free.  Some may prefer the additional options on the Nest Cam but I'm impressed with the simplicity of the Circle.

Remocam - $200

Kicking up the unique features factor is the Remocam.  It's much larger than most other Wi-Fi cameras but that size might be worth it.

It has a 720p camera that shoots good-looking video.  The sphere camera sits on top of large base.  Setting up the Remocam was easy using the app.  It generates a QR code on your phone that you hold in front of the camera.  I had the camera connected to my network in  a matter of 2 or 3 minutes.

What sets the Remocam apart is that the camera moves.  You can control it from the app to look up, down, left or right.  It has a wide angle lens already but the ability to move the camera means you can almost look around the entire room with the Remocam.

It also has an IR transmitter, something I have never seen in a Wi-Fi camera before.  With this, you can use the Remocam as a remote.  For example, if you have the camera setup in your living room you can control your TV or home stereo system even when you're not home.  This is great if you leave the entertainment system on and need to turn it off.  It has a few pre-programmed devices but I had to program it for my Vizio TV.  It easy, I simply pointed my remote at the Remocam and it memorized my remote's commands.

Remocam includes a free trial of their cloud recording service but after the first month you'll have to pay for it.  The prices are reasonable.  The best part is that there is a memory card slot on the Remocam so you don't actually need the cloud service to record video.

The Remocam isn't the most compact or slickest-looking Wi-Fi camera out there but the unique features it brings set it apart from the rest of the pack.

The Remocam sells for $200.  We found it for less, $192 on Amazon.