National Blueberry Pie Day

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Chef David Bondarchuck from Scratch Catering Services shows us how to make Blueberry pies.

Scratch Catering Services’ Blueberry Pies


What you Need:

2 & 1/2 Whole Wheat Pastry Flour-from the freezer

1/2 teaspoon Kosher Salt

1 teaspoon granulated Sugar

2 sticks (16 Tablespoons) COLD unsalted Butter

1/3 ice water (Ice cubes strained) and water added 1 Tablespoon at a time

What to Do:

Combine all ingredients minus water to a food processor. Pulse until the mixture resembles course crumbs. Add Water 1 Tablespoon at a time until mixture hold together to form a dough.

Wrap pastry in plastic wrap until ready to use

*To Blind Bake the Pie Shell: Place pie crust in a pie or tart tin and tim to fit. Using dried beans, line the shell with a parchment paper and fill with dried beans. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes-remove dried beans and continue baking for 5-10 more minutes or until golden brown.


Vanilla Bean Swiss Meringue

What you Need:

6 Large Egg Whites

1 & 1/2 granulated Sugar

1/2 vanilla Bean seeds Scraped

What to Do:

Over a ban marie combine egg whites and Sugar, whisk until sugar is dissolved.

Transfer the mixture to the electric mixer and whip until stiff, add scraped vanilla bean and whip to combine.

Universal Crumble Crust

What you Need

1/2 Cup Flour

1/2 Cup Sugar

1/2 Cup Rolled Oats

1 Stick COLD unsalted Butter

 What to Do:

Combine all ingredients into a mixing bowl. 

Using a pastry blender cut the butter into the mixture and continue cutting the butter in until the mixture forms course crumbs.

*Top this mixture on top of crumble pies

Classic Blueberry Filing:

8 Cups Fresh Blueberries (Using the back of a spoon smash 1/3 cup of the berries)

2 Tablespoons Corn Starch

1 Cup granulated Sugar

Zest from 1 Lemon

Juice of zested Lemon

Blueberry Jalapeno Filling:

8 Cups Fresh Blueberries (Using the back of a spoon smash 1/3 cup of the berries)

2 Tablespoons Corn Starch

1 Cup granulated Sugar

Zest from 1 Lime

Juice of zested Lime

1 finely diced Jalapeno

Blueberry Peach Pie Filling:

12 ounces Peaches (Frozen)

4 cups Blueberries 

3/4 Cup sugar

2 Tablespoons Corn Starch

For the Lemon Curd Version:

You can make your own lemon curd or store buy it.

Toss 4 cups of Fresh Blueberries in 1/2 Cup Apricot Preserves

Add the Blueberry mixture atop the lemon curd.

To Bake all pies (Except blind baked shells) bake pies at 375 degrees for 1 hour.

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