Digital code replaces prize inside Cracker Jack

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DENVER -- Since 1896, Cracker Jack has been as American as Harry Caray.  Holy cow.

But now, more than a century later, Cracker Jack will cease to release the surprise inside.  Instead of a prize, Cracker Jackers will now find inside the box of deliciousness a digital code on a little piece of paper.

Frito Lay, which owns Cracker Jack, said the new prize inside will allow families to enjoy their favorite baseball moments through a new, one-of-a-kind mobile experience.

Marketing professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver Darrin Duber-Smith understands Frito Lay’s decision.

“It becomes imperative now for marketers to engage with the consumer to get the consumer to act and to try to develop a one-on-one relationship with them and their mobile device," he said.

Rocket Fizz Candy Shop in Writer Square in Denver offers up its sweet perspective.

“It’s kind of sad because it is an old brand.  But it’s changing and that does happen a lot," the owner said.

But there may be hope.  With nostalgic candy coming back, maybe the prize inside Cracker Jack will come back, too.