Audio released from Prince’s emergency landing days before his death

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MOLINE, Ill. -- The Federal Aviation Administration has released the air traffic communications from Prince's plane when it made an emergency landing several days before his death.

On April 16, Prince was flying home to Minnesota from Atlanta after what turned out to be his final concert. The private plane requested an emergency landing at the Quad Cities International Airport.

Air traffic controller: What's the nature of the emergency? What's the nature of the ...

Plane: An unresponsive passenger.

Air traffic controller: Was it a male or female passenger?

Plane: It was a male passenger.

Prince was reportedly rushed to a local hospital in Illinois. His publicist later said he returned home and was fine. On Thursday, several days after the emergency landing, prince was found dead in an elevator in his home.

His publicist says it will be at least four weeks before they get the autopsy results.