Goose decides Denver City and County Building is good place to hatch eggs

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DENVER -- A Canada goose has taken up residence at Denver's City and County Building, and she's not going anywhere.

It turns out she's about to be Mother Goose while waiting for her eggs to hatch.

The mama goose has the attention of a lot of visitors to Denver's center of government, including Mayor Michael Hancock.

"I check on her every day. I've been checking on her for about a week and a half now," he said.

And what does the mayor think about her and where she has chosen to take care of her eggs?

"Well, just how cute. She was captivating everyone's attention. I happened to go up and look out the window on her, and dad was over here protecting her as he is watching her over there."

The problem is, the mom doesn't have a name.

"No, we haven't named her," Hancock said. "But that's a good idea. We want to encourage everyone, if you want to name her, send me some suggestions for her name."

You can email name suggestions to