‘Train fever’ as Coloradans wait for hours for last free rides to DIA

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DENVER -- On the top of Union Station, it says "travel by train" and on Saturday night that had never been so cool.

People were running to catch some of the last free rides to Denver International Airport. Beginning Sunday, the 37-minute ride from Union Station to DIA will cost $9.

"It is standing room only right now, we are going to try and catch the next one," Brian Lewis said.

Throughout the day Saturday, the story was not about running for the train but instead waiting for the train. Some lines stretched for hours at Union Station.

"It is train fever," Kiasha Cheya said with a smile.

For those with flights at the airport, the day was not as enjoyable. Many left Union Station to take separate shuttles because of the long lines.

"I think I'm going to take a bus. They said they've had some signal delays and I don't want to miss the plane," said Bree, a traveler from out of state.

For many of the stations along the new A Line, Saturday was a cause for celebration. At the new Central Park Station, a community festival was held with dancers and artists.

"Seeing our city grow has been really cool," an attendee said.

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