One injured, one in custody after shooting during possible home invasion

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DENVER -- Police are investigating a possible home invasion in west Denver on Monday that sent a man to the hospital.

It began on Vallejo Street across the street from Huston Lake Park. But it’s still unclear exactly who was shot. Police said they found the victim of the shooting several blocks away on Bryant Street.

A neighbor who lives across the street from the shooting said he saw at least three people fleeing the house after it all went down.

“I saw someone going through the alley, but I took a look and he was just turning. And then at that same moment, I see a guy with a blue shirt walking really fast down our sidewalk, and then I kept looking and I see a girl crossing the street,” Marcos Calderon said.

Several people said the homeowners are a couple in their mid-50s. Many call the neighborhood safe and family friendly.

“There’s actually several young families moving in. There’s diversity. The park is used a lot. There are good places to ride bikes and there’s lots of soccer games and things going on during weekends. A very family friendly neighborhood,” Aimee Knight said.

Police said a male suspect is in custody. The victim, also a man, suffered nonlife threatening injuries.