Duck gets second chance at life after middle school teacher ‘prints’ new feet for him

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MILWAUKEE -- A little duck in Wisconsin gets a second chance after he lost his feet because of frostbite.

Phillip was scheduled to be put down. Instead, a middle school teacher used his 3D printer to make some new, synthetic flippers for the duck to get around in.

The teacher's students got to see them in action.

Phillip's owner said it didn't take long for the duck to adjust to his new feet.

"He picked it up real fast.  And I'm sure he'll learn to balance again, and be able to waddle around with all the other ducks," Vicki Rabe-Harrison said.

The feet are made of a material called "Ninja-flex." The teacher said it took about 36 hours to make them.

Phillip is waddling off to a new home, an animal sanctuary in Wisconsin.