Homemade knife in cell of suspect accused of shooting Denver officer

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(Photo: Denver Police Department)

DENVER — The man accused of trying to kill a Denver police officer during a shootout faces a new charge — possession of contraband.

A court document said a Denver sheriff’s deputy found a homemade knife while searching 36-year-old Jason Wood’s jail cell on April 13.

Wood is accused of shooting officer Tony Lopez Jr. on Dec. 8 near Federal Boulevard and Clyde Place. Wood pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder and aggravated robbery in the Lopez incident.

The deputy who searched Wood’s cell said in the court document that he confiscated a set of crutches the suspect was using. Lopez shot Wood in the leg during their confrontation.

The deputy took the crutches and noticed a metal piece was missing. He then found a string in the toilet in Wood’s cell.

He pulled the string out of the toilet and “discovered a metal homemade knife (shank) attached to the string. The metal shank was made from the same material/metal as the crutch confiscated.

“The shank is sharpened and has a black in color handle along with a string attached to the handle.”

The deputy said in the court document that Wood stated, “You found my bleeder,” in reference to the shank.