Bernie Sanders wins majority of delegates at Colorado Democratic Convention

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LOVELAND, Colo. — Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton and took the majority of the delegates to the national convention at the Colorado Democratic Convention on Saturday.

Sanders, a Vermont senator, won 15 of the final 23 delegates that were awarded at the convention. It was two more than he was projected to win after he trounced Clinton in the state caucus on March 1.

In a straw poll vote, Sanders won 63 percent of the vote. In the caucus, he won 59 percent of the vote.

Combined with 26 delegates he won at congressional district conventions, Sanders took 41 Colorado delegates to 25 for Clinton, the former first lady and former Secretary of State. There are 12 superdelegates in Colorado, the vast majority of which have been pledged to Clinton.

Sanders and Clinton will square off in a pivotal primary on Tuesday in New York.