Rescue dog donates blood to save stray kittens’ eyes

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Two kittens had some very big problems when a family found them in a California backyard.

The Sacramento SPCA found one had two eye ulcers, so bad he could barely see. So bad, in fact, veterinarians believe at least one eye would have to be removed.

But now there’s an all-out effort to save the other eyes using antibiotics and a special serum.

That’s where Jemmie comes in, a dog owned by of the SPCA employees. Jemmie donated the blood to help save the kittens’ lives.

That blood was used to create the serum, and because it’s not a blood transfusion, it’s not a problem that the blood is coming from a dog.

The procedure has been used many times at the Sacramento SPCA and for at least one of the kittens, the prognosis is good.

After donating her blood, Jemmie gets a special reward – spending time with her favorite furry friends.

Her owner, Sarah Varanini, said there’s nothing Jemmie loves more in life than kittens.

(photo: Sacramento SPCA via KOVR / CNN Newsource)

(Photo: Sacramento SPCA via KOVR)


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