Boulder County launches ‘Watch your Ash’ campaign at area bars

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BOULDER, Colo. -- Any successful ad campaign must have one thing that really stands out: A catchy slogan. Something like “Only you can prevent forest fires,” comes to mind.

That’s what Boulder County is hoping to accomplish while it battles the emerald ash borer.

“It is a problem.  I was just talking to one of the people who live in Boulder today who has a tree that’s been infected and it’s fallen down in her backyard,” Boulder County communication specialist Gabi Boerkircher said.

The trick is to make the message catchy, to get people’s attention while they are in a good mood.  And what better place than a pub.

“It was pretty much any bar we could find that would take free coasters, which is most of them,” Boerkircher said.

It’s kind of an eye-catching round coaster with a simple message: “Watch your Ash," with an image of an emerald ash borer on it.

Five-thousand paper coasters have been distributed to watering holes throughout Boulder County, like at the popular 300 Suns Brewing in Longmont.

“I thought it was a great idea to put coasters out in front of people when you have a captive audience sitting here at the bar,” co-owner Dan Ditlsear said.

So if you have ever needed a reason to enjoy a finely brewed hand-crafted beer, now you have it.

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