Police recover 40 guns stolen from Parker home; two arrested

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(Photos: Parker Police Department)

(Photos: Parker Police Department)

PARKER, Colo. — Two young men from Elizabeth face serious criminal charges after police said they stole more than 40 firearms from a home in Parker.

Casey Riedel, 20, and Jacob Whitlock, 18, were arrested Sunday and charged with burglary.

Police pulled the pair over after a neighbor called 911 to report suspicious activity. The caller said the suspects were standing at the gate of their neighbor’s house for a while, then went into the backyard. The homeowners were away on vacation.

When officers stopped Riedel and Whitlock, “Police located several handguns that they would later learn were stolen,” police said.

Police recovered more than 40 stolen firearms, jewelry, a coin collection and alcohol. The items are believed to be worth more than $20,000.

Police said all of the stolen items are from the one residence, not multiple incidents. It is not clear if the suspects knew what was inside the home or if it was a random target.

“The how they knew or why they picked this particular residence is something that we’re working on throughout the investigation,” Lt. Chris Peters said. “Was this pure luck or did they know something more?”

Riddle and Whitlock were pulled over and arrested less than a mile from the home. Police credit the neighbor who called 911 for the quick arrest. Police said if they had gotten away, the crime could have turned dangerous very quickly.

“At the time we were able to intervene, we had two criminals in possession of 40-plus stolen weapons. The potential is 40-plus criminals with 40-plus guns,” Peters said.

It is unclear how the guns were being stored inside the home. Police said the homeowner will get all of the stolen items back.​