Community helps family whose belongings were stolen while moving

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DENVER -- Ask Rachael Cook how she is feeling since her family’s worldly belongings were stolen while moving to a new home and she will say, “I’ve had better days.”

Over the weekend, as the FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers reported, Cook’s U-Haul was stolen, lock, stock and barrel, from a parking lot at West 52nd Avenue and Wadsworth Boulevard.

“I didn’t have the money to pay to have it stored anywhere,” Cook said.

All this just before moving into their new home.

“I just wanted a fresh start.  A nice new apartment, you know? We are finally, this year, we are finally up in the world," she said.

Until thieves brought the Cook family down by driving away with their U-Haul trailer.

“You can’t even leave your stuff overnight without someone stealing your entire life," Cook said.

Household items can be replaced. It’s the personal items that are a big loss for Cook’s family.

“Family photos, albums, my child’s first album,” she said.

While Problem Solvers can’t replace precious photos, other items can be.

Thanks to American Lifestyle Furniture and the Problem Solvers, a gift card for $1,000 was given to the Cook family.

“I feel like I’ve been so trapped in emotion these past couple days and, that’s really awesome. Thank you very much,” a grateful Cook said.

She was so moved by the outpouring of help from the community that she said the whole experience was kind of like a blessing in disguise.