Suspects wanted for graffiti in Parker that includes obscene drawings, hate messages

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PARKER, Colo. -- Vandals keep striking in Parker.

Bob Richards said what the graffiti shows is so bad, he doesn't even want the neighborhood kids to walk by it. He has been fighting it for two years.

Obscene drawings, racial epithets and messages of hate are spray-painted onto the walls in high traffic areas.

"It's actually been getting worse and worse and worse," Richards said.

It has been painted over for now, but Richards said the suspects will be back.

"Whatever you can imagine, the worse words that you can can think of are spray-painted on these walls," Richards said. "These kids are elusive as a Bigfoot. You can't catch them."

Richards captured a photo of one of the suspects on Tuesday, and the Parker Police Department quickly reposted it on its Facebook page.

"We came around and surprised them and I got this picture and obviously Parker's already done a great job of covering up the profanity," Richards said.

"If there's images that are graphic in nature that are derogatory statements and children frequent those paths -- bikers, runners -- it really is something that the town of Parker takes into consideration and we want to get that cleaned up as soon as possible," Parker police Officer Sherry Cocoran said.

Police said they want someone to turn in the suspects. The vandalism can bring fines up to $5,000 and six to 18 months in jail.

"I would like one of them caught and get whatever the maximum extent of the law is," Richards said.

Richards said the teens he interrupted were very brazen.

"They said if you don't get out of here we're going to kick your butt and I'm like they're juveniles," Richards said.

Richards is afraid they won't be stopped for good.

"When you have to say well I guess I can't let my kids out today because they may drive through and see some new nasty thing that parents got to answer questions about ... we shouldn't have to live like that," Richards said.

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