Father and son are Colorado’s pinball wizards

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LONGMONT, Colo. -- If the family that plays together stays together, then the Lefkoff family will be together for a long time.  And it’s all thanks to the game of pinball.

“I remember playing as a kid and always enjoyed it, and always thought that maybe if I was an adult I would be interested in maybe owning a pinball machine,” Adam Lefkoff said.

Now, 25 pinball machines are housed in a renovated barn on Lefkoff’s property.  It makes for a perfect pinball paradise. And don't even try to make him choose his favorite.

“It’s like trying to choose between my children.  They’re all my favorite,” he said.

And the pinball doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Lefkoff’s 12-year-old son Escher has been playing pinball for the past 10 years.

"When there’s a really good shot and you nail it, it feels so good,” he said.

Now, it might look like dad and son are just having fun playing pinball, but the fact is dad is a national pinball champion and the son is a world pinball champion.  Both are training for the upcoming world games in Carnegie, Pa.

This simple game of lights, sound and some electronics is more than a hobby to Lefkoff; it’s a life lesson.  Eventually, the ball will always drop, it’s what you do while it’s in play that counts.

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