Dog lost believed dead after accident found alive in snow

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BROOMFIELD, Colo. — A dog that was lost and believed to be dead after escaping from a vehicle during an accident has been reunited with his owner, the Broomfield Police Department said.

Maddox, a Bernese mountain dog, took off from a vehicle that was involved in an accident Sunday, police said. After searching for him, everyone had hoped Maddoxx would find his way home.

On Monday, someone reported what they thought was a dead dog that fit Maddox’s description.

Officer Goldstone was dispatched and after walking a half-mile on the trail near the Wildgrass subdivision, she found Maddox with his head slowly turned.

“He looked as though he had given up on life,” Broomfield police wrote on its Facebook page.

Maddox’s owner was called and came to the scene after he had been driving around looking for the dog.

“When Maddox saw his owner coming down the trail, he mustered enough energy to stand up and slowly wag his tail,” police wrote.

Goldstone’s encounter with Maddox and his owner “ended with a misty-eyed hug.”

Police said they’re glad there was a happy ending and called this an “accidental” adventure. Maddox was taken to a veterinarian and is said to be doing OK.