Woman recording officers during protest arrests sues Denver police for taking her cellphone

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DENVER -- The Denver Police Department is facing a civil rights lawsuit after a woman from Fort Collins said an officer took her cellphone while she was recording them.

The woman's phone and recording were allegedly confiscated during a protest at Civic Center Park last year. Jessica Benn said she was recording video on her phone while officers arrested some of the protesters.

According to the lawsuit, officers took her phone and never returned it. Benn's lawyer said that is a violation of her client's civil rights.

"She's bringing this lawsuit not only for what happened to her, but to make sure there is some institutional change in Denver as a result of it," attorney Elizabeth Wang said.

Since the incident with Benn, the Denver Police Department has updated its policy regarding people who record police officers' activities.

Officers are not allowed to discourage recordings as long as the person shooting the video isn't getting in the way.