Boulder boy selected to dance alongside Justin Bieber in Denver

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BOULDER, Colo. -- A 12-year-old boy from Boulder is getting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dance alongside Justin Bieber when he performs in Denver next week.

Steele Billings has been dancing since he was 4 years old. The kid is so good, he caught the attention of Bieber’s choreographer.

“I did not think I would have a good shot at it,” Billings said.

The sixth-grader still can’t believe he was selected despite being a wizard on the dance floor. Steele’s mother, Kelly Billings, helped her son apply for the competition online.

They had to submit a video of Steele dancing to Bieber’s song "Children." Some time passed and a few days ago, Billings heard from Bieber’s people.

“I’m just really, really excited for him,” Kelly Billings said.

Steele is one of four people who were chosen to dance with Bieber during his April 4 performance at the Pepsi Center.

According to Steele, he’ll dance to the song "Children" during the show. Apparently, Bieber is supposed to introduce each one of the four dancers who were selected.

“I think it’s going to be nervous but that sense of having fun when I’m dancing will overcome that,” Steele Billings said.

The show is sold out.

Steele will get to spend the day at the Pepsi Center rehearsing on-stage, then he’ll get to participate in the show before enjoying the rest of it from behind the scenes.

Needless to say, Steele is about to become the most popular kid in his sixth-grade class.