Aspen High School students visit Cuba

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ASPEN, Colo. -- A group of students from Aspen High School will spend the weekend in Cuba, experiencing what the island nation has to offer.

The idea was born last year in geography class while discussing President Barack Obama's plan to reopen a U.S. embassy in the country.
The class became a Cuba Club at the school, but the 12 students quickly learned it's not easy to book for a flight to the island. Because there are specific requirements, the students are traveling with an educational visit.

They plan to visit the capital Havana, tour a cigar house and attend the free concert by The Rolling Stones. The students understand this is an important time in Cuba's history and believe it's the right time to visit.

"We know that Cuba is going to be turning around pretty soon because of trade with America," Philip Psalepakas said. "And so we think that it’s going to be very interesting before that happens."

Emily Dristol agrees.

"I've heard it's kind of like a snapshot in time from when the embargo started 88 years ago,” she said. “So I can't wait to see kind of like frozen in the past. And what it would be like," she said.

The geography teacher traveling with the students said she hopes to make this visit an annual student trip.

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