Roofing company blamed for ‘aggressive’ calls it is not making

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DENVER -- Colorado Roofing Solutions says their reputation is being tarnished and they’re spending most of their time apologizing for something they didn’t do.

Owner Clayton Putman and President & CEO Chris Gonzales built their company from the ground up, and they say scammers are using a name similar to theirs and harassing people over the phone.

“To think that someone would be targeting either myself or my partner personally or our company as a whole is scary,” Putman said.

They say the scammers are using the title Colorado Solutions, and are very aggressive about telling people they are in the area and are coming by to inspect their roof.

“Each month it gets progressively worse and worse,” Gonzales said. “A couple weeks ago we got a phone call from the Colorado Springs Police Department asking us to stop calling people, and that they had 100 complaints that day.”

The problem is – they’re not calling anybody. A quick Google search with “Colorado Solutions” and “roofing” pops up their website, so whoever receives the aggressive call assumes it’s them and responds very negatively.

A big red box warns people of the scam on their website, but the countless emails and messages from outraged people keep pouring in.

“It’s like fighting an uphill battle and we don’t know what to do,” Gonzales said.

They have filed several police reports, contacted the District Attorney, multiple lawyers, and even tried setting up appointments with the so-called scammers, but nobody shows up.

“The problem is nobody really knows how to classify this. Is it a scam? I mean obviously it is affecting us as a business,” Gonzales said.

They have even thought about changing their name, but they don’t want to start over after everything they have built. So for now – it’s about getting the word out.

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