Thieves steal $15,000 worth of jewelry from Arvada store

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ARVADA, Colo. — A jewelry store owner was left to clean up the broken glass after he said thieves broke in early Sunday morning, stealing about $15,000 worth of jewelry.

Don Bowley has owned Rocky Mountain Gems Fine Jewelry (7674 Grandview Ave.) in Old Town Arvada for nine years.

“This is my life,” he said. “I’ve worked hard for this.”

That’s why he’s livid with the thieves who left his store in shambles after 6 a.m. Sunday.

“Shame on you,” he said. “Shame on the parents who raised you. I’m pissed. They came in and broke three cases and just grabbed and dashed. They were in and out in five minutes.”

He said the thieves took off with wedding rings, watches and other precious jewels.

“We’re at about $15,000 out of the showcase, and then another $3,000 or $4,000 for the door and broken glass, you know, and then my time,” Bowley said. “I had to sleep here with a gun next to my pillow.”

Bowley said insurance should cover the damage.

“Thank God we locked up all of our customers’ jewelry and all of our big diamonds,” he said.

He’s hopeful police will catch the suspects.

“They came in and did fingerprints,” he said. “Some of these yahoos left some good fingerprints. So they also got fingerprints, you know. How stupid are these people?”

Despite the thefts, the store is open for business. Anyone with information is asked to call Arvada police.