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Tech Review: Fugoo & Ultimate Ears Megaboom Speakers

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Fugoo Tough

Fugoo is re-thinking the rugged bluetooth speaker.  Their Fugoo line is based around a core speaker that you pair with a jacket.  The Tough jacket makes it Colorado tough, ready for nearly anything you can throw at it.  My throws down the stairwell here at Fox31 nicked up the plastic a bit but the speaker didn't stop playing for a second.  It's also waterproof.

Best of all, it sounds great too!  My only complaint is that it seemed to lack a ton of bass at loud volumes when compared to larger speakers. The company claims the battery will last for 40 hours on one charge.

You can also switch out the jacket for the sport jacket or the style jacket.  Not as rugged but they have a much sleeker look.

Fugoo Tough retails for $230, it's currently on sale directly from the company for $200.  You can grab it on Amazon for $25 less.

UEMEGABOOMUltimate Ears MegaBoom

If you're looking for big sound, Ultimate Ears has the Megaboom.  If it looks familiar, that's because it's basically a bigger version of their Ultimate Ears Boom, which I reviewed in the past.  The Mega Boom puts out some awesome sound.  It's loud, crisp and clear.  You can take 2 Booms, pair them together and use them to double the sound.  You get to decide if they crank out the same tunes or if one is the left channel and the other is the right for the ultimate stereo sound.

The Mega Boom also has NFC so you can tap your phone to pair it.  The rubberized outside is waterproof.  The funky design in the picture above is a special Red Bull Shockwave design, they also sell it in 4 standard colors.

The Ultimate Ears Megaboom is one of the best-sounding bluetooth speakers I have tested yet, if not THE best.  The question is, how much is that big, clear sound worth?  The Ultimate Ears Megaboom sells for $300.  I found a refurbished model on sale for $200!  A great deal if you're OK with a refurbished product.