Is Donald Trump changing American politics forever?

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DENVER -- There is no question the 2016 election has been unique.

Perhaps this week’s Republican presidential debate was the most unique debate ever.

“Little guy,” “hands” and “manhood” jokes were made. At one point moderator, Chris Wallace had to yell, “Gentlemen, you’ve got to do better than this” to get the candidates under control.

Whatever you think of Donald Trump, one thing is clear: He appears to be changing how politicians talk in the United States.

“This has become a lot more juvenile in nature,” Republican State Rep. Tim Dore said. “I think the American people are smarter than that."

Other politicians say similar things at the State Capitol -- calling what we are witnessing unprecedented in American politics.

But if you get away from the insiders and speak with people on the street, you begin to understand why Trump continues to lead in the polls.

“He’s definitely different,” said Anthony Wilson, a Denver voter considering voting for Trump in November.

Wilson thinks Washington is so broken that perhaps different is what we need.

“Personally I believe for far too long, we've had too many similar presidents,” Wilson said.