Manning retirement speculation swirling

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DENVER -- There’s as much speculation swirling about Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning’s retirement as there is about the next presidential nominees.

The Decision 2016 -- Manning’s decision, that is -- is dominating sports talk everywhere.

“What about this news headline? Peyton Manning returning to the Broncos and will start at quarterback once again,” Les Shapiro said on Mile High Sports Radio’s afternoon drive.

“Do you really think that is going to happen?” co-host Eric Goodman replied.

Does Manning follow the lead of his current boss and ride off into the sunset with a Lombardi Trophy? Or create a Brett Favre-like retirement drama? Even Manning’s agent said he is still in the dark.

“I know he’s going to tell me when he’s made a decision,” Tom Condon said on Sirius XM NFL Radio on Tuesday. “The closest he’s got to disclosing any of his intentions were that he said he just wanted to take his time and make sure and he said, ‘I really like to play.’”

Until we hear from Manning, the rumor train will keep on chuggin’.

“Athletes don’t want to give up the game and it’s very understandable why” Shapiro said. “I know what I see and it looks to me like he’s running on fumes but he likes to play so who am I to tell him if he should play or not.”

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