Is College Worth It?

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Jeff Zuckerberg.  Bill Gates.  Michael Dell.  All worth billions – without getting a college degree.  Unfortunately, they’re one in a million.  With college costs rising about five percent every year across the country, more students are wondering if they should just go to work, rather than getting a college degree.  A recent survey shows one in three college grads had a job that only required a high school diploma.

Still, countless surveys, including’s from 2015, show the return on investment for Colorado schools is high.  The top three universities for ROI over 20 years: School of Mines, with an average return on investment of $831,000 and an average loan of about $30,000; CU Boulder offering an average $771,000 ROI and $33,000 average loan, and Colorado State University, with a $403,000 ROI on $24,000 borrowed.

To give our Good Day, Good Parents some perspective, watch our interview with with College in Colorado.

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