Woman kidnapped from Larimer County motel found safe

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LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. -- The Larimer County Sherrif’s Office said Saturday that they had found a kidnapping victim unharmed. An adult male in the vehicle was arrested for allegations of kidnapping and robbery.

The investigation continues with more details to come, including the name of the suspect. The kidnapping happened about 6:30 a.m. Friday in front of the Budget Host Motel.

Danny Memmott witnessed the incident and called 911. He said he was on his way to work when he saw a woman leave her motel room and approach a parked minivan.

“She went to that door and when she seen whoever was in that door, she took off running,” Memmott said.

Memmott said the woman, 30-year old Mia Hamilton, appeared to see who was in the van, then started screaming and tried to run.

“She only got to about right here I think, in front of the van right there and he just grabbed her by the arm and she was in the van in no time,” he said.

Memmott says Hamilton's screams turned to pleas for help.

“I actually bolted up here with my pickup to think maybe they’d notice and stop and they come squealing around me and went right out,” he said, describing how he tried to intervene.

Dark green minivan possibly used in kidnapping (Photo: Larimer Co. Sheriff's Office)

Dark green minivan possibly used in the kidnapping of a woman in Larmier County on Friday, Feb. 26, 2016. (Photo: Larimer Counyt Sheriff's Office)

The van is described as a 1980s or 1990s dark green Chrysler minivan with silver trim, gray running boards, oxidation on top of the hood and and a black luggage rack on top.

Memmott said the driver squeezed the van right around him.

“It was like they knew what they were doing cause no plates or nothing,”  he said.

He also said there were at least two men in the car. One looked right at him.

“He was wondering if I was going to get out,”  he said.

He was already on the phone with 911, but he said the van took off, heading north on the east-side frontage road running parallel to Interstate 25.

“Nobody needs to be kidnapped and ran off with,” he said.

Now, he’s left wondering what more he could have done to stop Hamilton from possibly being taken against her will.

“I’ll probably wonder the rest of my life what would have happened if I would have got out,” he said.

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