Denver’s top five parking ticket hot spots

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DENVER -- Not paying the parking meter in Denver is high risk, with little reward for drivers but a big reward for the city when you add up all the tickets issued.

FOX31 Denver looked back through the numbers from 2015 to see where drivers got the most tickets in the city.

Top 5 Areas

  • Market Street in LoDo: 24,324 tickets
  • Court Place: 7,295 tickets
  • Fillmore Street, including Cherry Creek North area: 5,377 tickets
  • Convention Center Parking Garage, 14th Street: 3,136 tickets
  • Denver International Airport: 2,587 tickets

Zoom in and click markers for details on each location in the top five areas.

Parking ticket money

Meter maids are officially called "Right of Way Enforcement Agents" in Denver. In 2015, they handed out 658,900 tickets.

With only 65 agents, that works out to more than 10,000 tickets per agent.

Parking Tickets 2015
In total, the city collected $30 million in parking tickets during 2015.

The total made from meters filled legally: $11 million. That's less than one-third of what the city took in from parking tickets.

Parking Ticket Revenue 2015

Full list

See all the data from the top five areas.

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