Ask The Trainer: Toning The Glutes

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It’s one of the workout targets that gets a lot of attention, we’re talking about your glutes and the top ways to turn those buns to steel.

Whatever you like to call it; posterior; booty; derriere; everyone wants it toned but it’s not going to happen without weightlifting. “If you want to see changes, you have to push your muscle out of its comfort zone,” said April Sharrock, the manager at Ascent Fitness. She says there are three easy moves to add to your routine that’ll do the trick.

“This is the weighted step up and this is a great tushy exercise,” she said. “You`re going to step up nice and strong, right back down. The important thing is on the way down, I`m going just as slowly as I went up.” Sharrock suggests aiming for 15 on each leg and adjusting the weights so it’s difficult, but not too heavy that it forces you to swing the dumbbells.

Next up: the plie squat. Turn your knees and toes out and shoot for 20 squats with a heavy weight. And be careful to watch your form, “My chest is high, my belly is pulled into the spine,” said Sharrock. The deeper you go, the better.

Finally, the stationary lunge. If you’ve ever felt wobbly doing this, here’s the trick, “We wanna have a long split stance. The mistake some people make with balance is that they`re walking a tight rope and it`s very hard to balance,” said Sharrock. Again, using weights that are heavy but keep the posture in check, meaning chest up and belly button to spine. “This is going to give you a really shapely, toned quad.”

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