Mysterious Broncos balloon flies 2,000 miles from California to Missouri

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CENTENNIAL, Colo. -- An email received Monday provided a link to a Facebook page run by a woman in Wheatland, Mo. On it, Elaine Walker posted pictures of a deflated Denver Broncos balloon her son found on their property.

The balloon had a card attached to it, along with the name "R. Hanneman" and an address for "East Easter Avenue in Centennial, Colorado."

Oddly enough, the card on the balloon said it was sent from Santa Clara, Calif., the home of Super Bowl 50, on Feb. 7, the day the Broncos won the game.

So how did a balloon from Santa Clara end up nearly 2,000 miles away in Wheatland?

We looked up R. Hanneman on East Easter Avenue in Centennial and discovered the address belongs to Rita Hanneman. It turns out Hanneman was just as baffled. She had no clue who sent the balloon either.

“I’m stumped,” she said.

Hanneman was in California on Super Bowl Sunday, but in the Los Angeles area, not Santa Clara.

“I went out there for whale watching, my birthday and to see my relatives,” she said.

After we told Hanneman about the balloon, she hopped on Facebook to check it out. She didn’t recognize the handwriting and said she doesn’t know anyone in Santa Clara.

“I’ve never had anything like this [happen],” she said.

We connected her with Walker by phone. The two discussed the balloon more and eventually Walker said the "R" looked more like a "B," Which would would’ve been one of Hanneman's children.

“'B' would either be Brett or Bridgett,” Hanneman said.

Hanneman reached out to her kids to see if they knew anything about it -- and they were stumped also.

So the mystery remains: Who released a Broncos balloon on the day of the Super Bowl, hoping it would eventually find its way to the Hanneman household in Centennial?

If you know, email FOX31 Denver reporter Kevin Torres at

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