IV therapy gaining popularity as more than a quick cure for hangovers

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CENTENNIAL, Colo. -- Intravenous therapy has become a popular and quick cure for hangovers, but the treatment can be used for so much more and is gaining ground in Colorado.

“When you’re looking down the lineup of IV nutritionals, you can really start to peak a person’s human potential when you start optimizing these levels in a person’s body,” said Kit Bargmann, co-owner of Infuse IV Therapeutics.

The shop is just like a bar; you can choose your own cocktail. Depending on what you want to accomplish, you choose your nutritional and then with a little medical mixology, happy hour begins.

“I had a (personal record) when I did squats in the gym,” said one Infuse IV Therapeutics customer.

“Since I started using the lean mass, I lost 17 pounds,” another customer said.

Whether you are sick, looking for mental clarity, better looking hair, skin and nails, or improved athletic performance, there’s a bag that can be tailor-made just for you.

“This is for everybody,” Bargmann said. “For the stay-at-home spouse all the way to a professional athlete.”

Infuse IV says while other remedies may be cheaper, you’re not getting the full effect of the nutritionals.

“We are bypassing the digestive track and going straight into the bloodstream,” Bargmann said.

While IV therapy is nothing new, it’s certainly growing in popularity.

“This is a cutting-edge industry in this market it started out west and it’s coming this way,” Bargmann said. “There’s so many better ways of going about healing the human body than poking drugs down your throat.”

The bags cost $90 to $150.

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