Denver company launches new smart sprinkler controller

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Nearly 2 years ago Denver-based Rachio launched their smart sprinkler controller and now they're back with a refined, improved and more affordable Rachio Iro 2nd generation.

rachio open

Rachio Iro 2nd Generation features more space for wiring, updated look and manual controls on the front

The new version has updated hardware on the inside as well as an updated look on the outside.  Rachio also added controls on the front so you can manually control your sprinklers without using the app.   The company says the new design also features more room for the rat's nest of wires.  The new controller only comes in a 16-zone model for $250.  This is a price drop from the previous 16-zone model.

I had a chance to talk with the co-founder, Chris Klein.  He says this new model continues their goal of saving water.  He's also proud that the product is manufactured in Colorado.  He admits that it would be cheaper to make it overseas but says keeping it in Colorado is worth it.

rachio open close

New manual controls on the front of the Rachio Iro 2nd Generation

"It absolutely would but we really love working with partners here.  It's pretty rewarding to go to any one of those facilities and see people working on your product and knowing that you're helping to create jobs here in Colorado is really important to us," added Klein.

You can find the newest Rachio Iro online at Amazon.  You can also find big discounts on the original model, which is still a great option.  Check out my test of the original Rachio Iro.

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