Denver pets gearing up for Super Bowl Sunday

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DENVER -- It seems like everyone in Denver is celebrating Sunday’s big Broncos win over the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game.

That includes fans of the four legged kind. Dogs, cats, even horses are getting in on the football fun.

At Mouthfuls Pet Supply Store in Denver, Broncos collars, leashes and jerseys are flying off store shelves.

“The industry has definitely taken a turn. People are so much into the paraphernalia for their pets. They love dressing them up, painting their toenails. They buy the goggles,” said Jamie Kerbel with Mouthfuls.

Bruce Kohl and his dog Bailey never miss a Broncos game. Watching the game with man’s best friend is a tradition in his home.

“Oh, yeah. He just watches the screen. I don’t know if he can see anything,” Kohl said.

Bailey also never forgets to wear his Broncos bandanna. It’s simple, stylish and cheap.

Pet pride, however, isn’t always cheap. A Broncos leash will cost about $15. A jersey will cost about $50.

“They’re the most popular. That’s what you’ll see the big dogs in, the Denver Broncos jersey,” Kerbel said.

And there’s no business like pet business. Spending on pet apparel has more than quadrupled in the country over the past 20 years.