Tickets to the Broncos-Patriots game still available; Prices are dropping

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Broncos fans at stadium

DENVER — If you are still searching for a ticket to the big game on Sunday, you may be in luck. Nearly 10,000 resale tickets are still available, according to sites like StubHub and NFL Ticket Exchange, and prices are falling.

“It’s a great deal right now,” Candy Lewis of ‘A Lewis Tickets’ said. “The prices right now are at a bargain.”

Whether it’s the nearly 7,000 flights already cancelled on the east coast, or the priciest seats simply not selling; affordable tickets are out there.

“People had the market extremely high and now we’re less than 48 hours from the game you’re seeing it dry up,” Lewis said.

For once – it pays to procrastinate. You could get into Sunday’s playoff game for less than some paid for regular season tickets.

“If you’re looking at what happened with Green Bay and Minnesota (games in Denver) it was $500 to get in the cheapest seat up top and people were paying it. But now if you can get a pair of seats on StubHub for $250, c’mon you gotta buy ‘em up!”

And if you really want to wait until the last second, the Gametime App is just for you.

“We cater to the fans that are looking for the bargain until the last minute,” Gametime Communication Director Sean Pate said. “When you have the opportunity to watch the ticket market, watch the prices as they sometimes do fall into very attractive ranges during the game.”

The app allows you to search for a bargain as late as 90 minutes after kickoff, and the ticket hits your phone in seconds.

“You’ll see some sellers that are desperate to get rid of them even after kickoff you’ll see some pretty significant discounts right into the first quarter of the game. For some fans that means getting 50 percent off and getting an experience of a lifetime.”

Whatever your mode of ticket-buying is, if you score one, don’t be a no-show.

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