Volunteers spend Martin Luther King Day serving meals to homeless

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DENVER -- Dozens of volunteers in Denver spent Martin Luther King Day feeding the homeless.

Volunteers of America’s “Dinner for Those Who Hunger” has been an MLK Day tradition for 31 years. Volunteers serve the community like it’s a family-style restaurant. The idea is to make everyone feel equal.

“VOA will do about 900 to 1,100 meals today,” Volunteers of America spokeswoman Jordan Kellerman said.

Arc Thrift Stores has partnered with VOA for the annual event offering free clothes to those who need it.

“We provide coats and hats and gloves. Warm weather gear to give back to the Denver homeless population,” Arc spokeswoman Stephanie Landree said.

While those things are important to Denver’s needy residents, there is something priceless they get at the event too.

“If you look at the tables they’re all family-style and that’s because Dr. King wanted everyone to eat at the same table, specifically as a community and come together to share their values and their interests and kind of be as one,” Kellerman said.

The event tries to symbolize equality for everyone in Denver’s community.

“It was his dream to create a sense of community and to be able to give back. That’s what it’s all about,” Landree said.

Dozens of volunteers, including a handful of Nuggets players, not only dished out food, but served it at the tables too.

“I guess he was just trying to do what was right for the people so I’m just trying to give back I guess and help other people as well,” fifth grade volunteer Hannah Witkoff said.

“When we help other people it’s like he’s helping them too,” sixth grade volunteer Serene Meredith said.

There is a new generation living out King’s message that no matter who you are, everyone is the same.

“You really get to see people let their guard down and just enjoy food and come inside and get warm and leave happy with warm bellies,” Kellerman said.