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Broncos hats become hot selling items

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DENVER -- It’s the No. 1 most purchased item by football fans. Not T-shirts, jerseys or footballs. The top of the list is the one thing that sits on top of your head.

“Most everybody can wear a hat. Kids, women, men, everybody loves hats,” Broncos Team Store manager Scott Franklin said.

He would know, the Broncos store sold over 1,500 on Sunday alone.

In the baseball cap style, there are hundreds from which to choose. Old school, new school, flat brim, curved brim, pastel to fluorescent orange to camouflage, from old logo to new logo.

There is also a world of knit hats that will take you at least 45 minutes to peruse and try on at the Team Store.

So what is the perfect hat for the nonhat person?  The one that is comfortable, experts say. Style is important too, but if it’s not comfy, you won’t wear it.