Smart security cams help keep your family safe

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Canary home security system - $200

canaryThe Canary is more than just a home security cam.  In fact, the company sells it as a "home security" device.  It packs an HD camera with night-vision but also has sound, temperature, air quality and humidity sensors.  You can review the changes over the course of time.  It really adds a new perspective to home monitoring.

It becomes a security device when you leave your home.  The app on your smartphone tracks when you leave and automatically sets Canary to "armed" mode.  This essentially sends you updates when it notices that there is motion in your home.  You can go back on the timeline and see various motion detected throughout the day.  If you want to save a bunch of clips for longer you'll need to pay for a Canary cloud account, about $5/month.  If something isn't right, you can call police or fire crews directly from the app or sound the 90db siren remotely.  It'll wake up the neighbors and hopefully scare off an intruder.

Canary is a great home security camera with some really cool features that make it something even better.  I think most people will end up using the basic camera features the most until something happens, then it'll be nice to have the "extra" features.  It wouldn't be ideal as a security system for a large 2 story house but for a smaller home or apartment, it's perfect.  I don't like products require subscriptions but I do have to give kudos to Canary for providing 12 hours of saved video viewing and the ability to save up to 5 clips in the cloud without a subscription.

Canary home security system sells for $200 but I found it for $190 at

D-Link Wide Eye DCS-2630L - $200

dlinkcamIf you're not looking for a security system but want an HD webcam with the ability to save clips locally and a huge wide-angle lens, D-link has the answer.

The D-Link Wide Eye DCS-2630L (seriously though, they need friendly product names than this) is a larger home security camera.  It looks like a Nest/Dropcam that had a few extra cheeseburgers.  It gives you a full 180 degree view in 1080p.  It is crazy wide and I was amazed at how much of my living room it could see.  Heck, when it was backed up against the wall I literally could not get out of the shot even when I stood directly to the side of the camera.  It is truly 180 degrees.

The D-Link camera also has a microSD slot on the side.  This is a big deal.  There are no subscriptions, your clips are saved locally and you can do whatever you wish with them.  Even if your internet gets knocked out, your clips still save to the card.  For geeks like me who really hate subscription cloud requirements, this is great.  You can set up the camera to record when it detects motion during the day or when using night vision.  It'll also push a notification to your smartphone when it detects motion.

The D-Link Wide Eye is a great camera but the app leaves a bit to be desired.  It felt a bit clunky and I found myself waiting for things to load.  It does the job but it could use a little polish.

None the less, if you want a crystal clear stream with a SUPER wide angle lens and the ability to record video clips locally, the D-Link Wide Eye is the way to go.

D-Link WideEye DCS-2630L sells for $200 but I found it on sale at Best Buy for $170!

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