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Video shows dramatic police raid that led to recapture of ‘El Chapo’

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LOS MOCHIS, Mexico -- Extradition proceedings are underway for Mexican drug lord Joaquin Guzman.

Mexico plans to send him to the US to face justice.

The cartel leader ---known as "El Chapo"-- was recaptured on Friday, after six months on the run.

Video of the raid that led to his capture first aired on the Mexican television network, Televisa.

The operation to raid El Chapo's hideout was code-named "Cisne Negro," or "Black Swan".

Police say he was hiding in the house in the video -- but managed to get away during a shootout with the Mexican Navy.

He was later captured on a highway.

Officials say El Chapo's multi-billion-dollar cartel has been a major supplier of illegal drugs to the US.

He was first arrested in 1993 and has escaped from prison twice.

The last time was in July, when he slipped through an underground tunnel beneath his cell.