Gridiron Grill: Pulled Pork Sandwiches

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Chef Chris DeJohn from Centerplate shows us how to make Pulled Pork Sandwiches.

Pork Torta

6 ounces Barbacoa Pork Torta mix condiment

2 each 2 oz Bakery Fresh Torta Bun

2 oz Tico's refried beans

2 oz sliced pickled jalapenos

2 fl oz sauce, aioli, jalapeno concessions

4 ounces Fresh Avocado slices

1 oz Pickled red onion

3 oz Tri-colored tortilla chips


Place a torta bun on the cutting board and cut in half with a bread knife

On the bottom of the bottom of the bun, spread to outer edges the following:

1 ounce of beans

3 ounces of pulled port

1/2 ounce jalapenos (about 4-5) slices

1/2 ounce red onion pieces (about 8-10 pieces cut into 1"slices)

4 thin slices of fresh avocado

1 ounce Crema

Place bun top on the assembled torta


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