Footprints lead to arrest of suspect in Englewood smash-and-grab robberies

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Police said footprints in the snow led to an arrest in another series of smash-and-grab burglaries in Englewood early Friday morning.

The burglar struck at Moji Salon on Hampden Avenue before hitting two businesses on South Broadway: Panda One and A to Z Electronics Repair.

Englewood Police responded to the salon in the 900 block of Hampden Avenue around 1:50 a.m. and tracked the footprints from there but lost the prints.

Shortly after the thief smashed her window, Stacy Kelley’s phone rang. Police wanted to know if someone was in her salon.

“I said no and so they sent the cops. Police [arrived] and gave me a call and said I needed to come because someone had broken in,” Kelley said.

Stacy Kelley showed us the rock the thief used. She was still accounting for what was missing.

“He didn't get much out of the cash register so that's a good thing and he did grab some hair products and so they were hoping they would find those products in his apartment,” she said.

Officers received another alarm from the 3700 block of South Broadway Street and were able to track footprints in the snow from the smashed business fronts to an apartment complex nearby.

When police confronted the resident, the man did not allow officers inside and denied leaving, but officers reported that they had seen his wet boots, according to radio references.

That male suspect was then arrested.

Police have not yet said whether the man is a suspect in a string of other smash-and-grab burglaries in the Denver and Aurora area reported since December 2015. Englewood PD says they are working with surrounding agencies to follow up on the prior burglaries.

Kelley said one small business burglarized is one too many.

“It's just too bad because small businesses are working so hard and it's another thing to keep you up at night.”

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