Dead people, Big Bird, other allegedly forged signatures appear on Denver candidate’s petition

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DENVER -- An arrest warrant was issued for a former Denver City Council candidate after she allegedly forged the signatures of deceased individuals on her petition.

Corrie Houck’s petition also included the names of three popular Sesame Street characters: Bert, Ernie and Big Bird.

“She noted those had been signed allegedly by some folks at a bar who were just trying to mess with the petition,” said Lynn Kimbrough with the Denver District Attorney’s Office.

Houck-for-CouncilHouck, a Democrat who ran for Denver City Council District 2’s seat, faces 13 counts of forgery and perjury.

“The allegations really relate to a number of the other names. People’s names that she forged, that someone forged, including at least three people who are dead,” Kimbrough said.

According to the documents, a couple dozen signatures appear to be forged.

It is alleged Houck knew about the forged signatures but signed off on the petition anyway. She also is being charged with an attempt to influence a public servant.

The District Attorney’s Office said law enforcement has had a difficult time getting a hold of Houck. Her last known address is in Littleton.

According to Houck’s Facebook page, she works for Denver Public Schools.

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