Playoffs canceled for youth football team funded by community

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DENVER --  It has been a wild ride for a Pee Wee football team from Montbello.

Last month, the team couldn't afford to go to the national championship it qualified for, but thanks to the community, enough money was raised.

But the national tournament in San Diego was canceled and the team was told just days before.

“We were out there practicing in 34-degree temperatures and the kids were great about getting to practice,” coach Naamon Owens said.

It has been a roller coaster for the group of youngsters. At first they couldn't afford the trip they earned. Then the community stepped up, raising $12,000 for the team to get there.

“This one little news story put us all over the top and so many people decided in their hearts that we really wanted to go here," Owens said.

The team was so thankful for the support that they gave back to the community, delivering meals to those in need over the holidays.

They've already offered everyone who donated their money back and whatever is left over will go straight into the program.

While the Falcons are not competing for a national championship, they are learning life's important lessons.

“Even though we put in all this hard work to not go to the national championship, we can still look back at what a great time we had doing it and look to the future to hopefully getting back to this point next year," Owens said.