Injured Denver Police Officer Tony Lopez to be promoted; Paramedics who helped save him honored

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Antonio Lopez, Jr. (Photo: Denver Police)

DENVER, Colo. — On Wednesday, Denver Police Chief Robert White announced that Officer Tony Lopez will be promoted to the rank of sergeant come January 15.

Lopez was shot and nearly killed on December 8, following a traffic stop in Denver.

“I think he’s very excited about that next step,” Lopez’s father said.

The announcement was made at an event honoring the first responders who are credited with saving Lopez’s life.

“It really hits home when we have to call you. We called you, you came, and you did a phenomenal job,” Chief White told the paramedics.

Paramedics Courtney Strong and Dustin Morgan received an honorary police badge as well as a commendatory letter from Denver Police.

“That’s what they teach us, find the bleed and stop the bleed,” Strong said.

“It’s an honor, we work with these guys every day we could not do our job without them,” Morgan added.

Morgan and Strong have been credited by doctors for saving Lopez’s life because of the use of a tourniquet. White has said within the next few weeks all police officers in Denver will receive similar tourniquet training.

Lopez remains at Denver Health and is undergoing physical therapy to learn how to walk again. Both knees were shot out during the firefight.

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