Will Peyton Manning sue Al Jazeera? Could he lose in court?

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DENVER -- "We're not making the allegation against Peyton Manning," claimed the Al Jazeera reporter.

Whether that will be enough to save the network from a lawsuit may soon be in the hands of lawyers.

Manning saying he will likely sue the network for their report linking his wife Ashley to human growth hormone.

Even thought it's not directly said in the report, the implication of the report was that Ashley was a straw purchaser for the drug to help manning's post-surgery healing.

“When you are considered by [the] court to be public figure, the odds of winning are slight in the extreme," said Attorney Dan Recht. He says there are many challenges for a public person to sue for defamation.

Not only must you show the claim to be false, Manning would have to show the reporter and network had ill will and malice towards him when they made the allegations. Both are big hurdles to overcome and could potentially expose significantly private matters for the manning family.

“The odds of proving that they did it with malice aforethought are remote. He's not going to win this lawsuit,” Recht claims.

Manning's team says they won’t make any decisions until after the playoffs. The network continues to stand by their story and if Manning sues, both sides may be forced to show their hands.