Long security lines at DIA cause travelers to miss flights

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DENVER -- Delays at Denver International Airport plagued many travelers Monday night and into Tuesday morning due to long lines at security.

Passengers reported missing their flights because TSA  only had one line open at one point overnight and into the morning hours. The lines didn't ease up until 3:30 a.m. Tuesday.

More have opened up since, but many travelers are livid after being forced to wait in line for over three hours only to miss their flights.

Wait times dropped down to around 90 minutes around 5:30 a.m. but by 7 a.m., wait times were reduced to around 20 minutes.

TSA issued a statement on the delays Tuesday morning:

Unusually harsh weather conditions in several regions nationwide are impacting flights, causing delays for departing passengers.

In addition to higher than normal holiday passenger volume, wait times at the airport can fluctuate based upon the volume of passengers arriving for flights, especially when there is a large number of delays and cancellations.

With finite resources, TSA at each airport must be able to plan its staffing and requires lead time to be able to avoid staffing problems. In this case, that lead time was not available.

Travelers should contact their air carrier prior to proceeding to the airport, and schedule plenty of time to account for road conditions, parking and airport congestion.

DIA's response regarding the long wait times stated:

"While TSA is responsible for staffing and managing lines we understand traveler frustration at the lines tonight. Please allow extra time."

DIA tweeted, warning travelers to arrive with at least 2 hours to spare before their flights.

Those traveling Tuesday are still encouraged to check flydenver.com before leaving.