Get a sneak peek at the secret location for Denver’s New Year’s Eve fireworks

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DENVER -- Perched on top of a frigid high-rise in downtown Denver, it sits. In cold silence. Just waiting to erupt.

We’re talking about the fireworks for Denver’s New Year’s Eve displays.

We can’t tell you the location though, it’s a secret.

But it doesn’t really matter because when the fireworks show starts, you won’t care whence they came.

It’s all part of the much anticipated New Year’s Eve fireworks show in downtown Denver.

“It really is coming down to downtown Denver to experience the restaurants, entertainment, anything downtown Denver has to offer any other night of the year. But as a bonus, at 9 p.m. and midnight you can see an eight minute firework show all along the 16th Street Mall,” said Sharon Alton, with the Downtown Denver Partnership.

The fireworks are free to the public.

The show attracted over 100,000 spectators last year.

The absolute best spot for some sweet firework spotting? Anywhere along the middle of the 16th Street Mall.

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