Caught on Camera: Rash of car wash break-ins reported in metro area

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WESTMINSTER, Colo. -- At least 7 metro-area car washes were targeted by a burglar within a week’s time.

Most of the businesses are located in Westminster.

Davin Young, owner of Church Ranch Car Wash, was left with $18,000 in damage after the burglar tried breaking into his shop.

“All of these car washes are small business — family owned and to have someone coming through causing all the damage really hurts sometimes, especially during the holiday season,” Young said.

Young was able to capture the suspect on a surveillance camera. Video shows the man pulling up in a maroon truck, getting out and trying to pry open the coin machine.

When that fails, the man attempts to crack open the office door. Unfortunately for him, it triggered an alarm — which sent the man running.

“The amount of change in the machine compared to the damage they do to get into the machine is pretty ridiculous,” Young said.

The same man is believed to have tried breaking into another car wash up the road near 92nd and Old Washington.

At that location, he successfully broke into the car wash office and caused $25,000 in damage.

If you recognize the man in the surveillance video, you’re asked to call Westminster Police at: (303) 658-2400