Little boy who loves trash cans gets a Christmas surprise

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FOLSOM, Calif. -- You've probably heard the saying - one man's trash is another man's treasure...

But for one California family -- that saying is a way of life.

Santa with the help of some city sanitation workers made a 4-year-old's  christmas wish come true... Bringing trash to an entire neighborhood.

It's a chore... Even on Christmas - cities like Folsom, Calif. still pick-up garbage pick-up.

But while other kids were unwrapping gifts, there in the distance is little 4-year-old Jobiah Wells putting away the garbage cans.

His parents say it's an obsession that began two years ago.

"It started at waving at the trucks each week and then they started waving back," said Rachael Wells, Jobiah's mom.

Now he not only pulls up his family's trash cans. He takes in his neighbors.

"I pull up their cans to make them happy," said Jobiah.

Not just one or two but 17 neighbors.

"Some people are outside so they say ‘Thank you’ and I sometimes say ‘You're welcome,’" said Jobiah.

The truck drivers say they see it week after week.

"He loves it so much, and I'm just amazed at how he goes up and down this neighborhood and puts everybody's back and it just has to be perfect too," said Cliff Kallis, a truck driver.

So when it came time to make a list for Santa… you guessed it, Jobiah asked for shiny new garbage cans – two blues, one gray and one green.

"Is there anything else you want for Christmas?  Just trash cans?” said Rachael.

“Just the trash cans. Yes," said Jobiah.

It became clear Jobiah was on Santa's nice list when after all the garbage was picked up, the Folsom garbage trucks came back through to drop something off just for Jobiah.

At first he was a little speechless, but then he went right to work, wheeling down the old cans to trade them in for the new ones.

The drivers on his route, Cliff and Aaron, are like rock stars to the pre-schooler.

"He loves me.  He loves garbage.   He loves all things garbage,” said Aaron Wilson. “He loves the drivers.  He can't get enough of the drivers."

"It warms my heart, it really does.  It's just amazing," said Cliff.

Santa did drop off a remote control garbage truck and other toys, but this 4-year-old had his heart set on four brand new garbage cans.

"I love them, so I'm going to keep them, since I love them,” said Jobiah.

"It's a good plan," said Carter Wells, his father.

The city of Folsom posted video of Jobiah and his new garbage can delivery on their Facebook page.

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