Volunteers hand out Christmas gifts to homeless on 16th Street Mall

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DENVER -- A Denver father did his part to make sure no one is left out this Christmas. On Wednesday night he and dozens of others spent the night at the 16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver handing out presents to those who need it most.

It all came together at the clock tower downtown just half-past-six. That was where a crowd of people gathered with presents in hand.

“I didn’t expect this many people when I put this idea out there. This is just a cool testament to social media and how big people’s hearts are,” explained Richard Dierenfield as he greeted everyone who showed up.

A gift giveaway for homeless people was how Dierenfield and his family decided they would celebrate the reason for the season this year.

“Today we are out here blessing the homeless with gifts,” he added.

Dierenfield wasn’t alone. He was joined by a parade of people who showed up pulling wagons packed with gifts including Kaylie Lauder and her family.

“I saw it on Facebook,” explained Lauder.

“It’s nice to help other people and give them a little bit of Christmas spirit too,” she added.

They group made their down 16th Street Mall spreading holiday cheer to those who could probably use it most.

Chuck Scott was one of the night’s recipients. He says he has just enough to keep him warm these days.

“I have my sleeping bag. I have one tarp and another to throw over me,” he explained. But went on to explained he didn’t really have a Christmas wish.

“I haven’t had this happen to me yet. But this is awesome,” Scott said with a smile on his face.

Meanwhile, Dierenfield says he hoped to spread the warmth and joy he says he is blessed enough to have at home and inspire others to give back too.
It was a gesture Lauder admired.

“Keep doing what you’re doing! You’re doing amazing things to help better people’s lives, and isn’t that the point? To make people’s lives better?” commented Lauder.

“People just sometimes don’t know how to get involved. There’s apprehension from some people coming down to 16th Street Mall and talking to the homeless. So hopefully this gives people some different exposure,” added Dierenfield.

He hopes to organize the event again next year.

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