USPS: Deliveries arriving late, check your porch before bed

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DENVER -– “In 40 years, I have never seen anything like it.”

That's how veteran USPS driver Michael Cerra describes the uptick in deliveries this holiday season. All package delivery companies reporting more volume this Christmas season compared to last year.

On Wednesday, Denver USPS drivers delivered over 120,000 packages.

“There is a lot of online shopping now there is no denying it,” Cerra added.

But the rise in deliveries means drivers may arrive at your home at later hours than you are accustomed too.

USPS driver Brad Haskell says for the last week he hasn’t been getting off at work until 9 p.m. We caught up with him shortly after sunset.

“I have three to four more hours of delivering packages,” Haskell said with a laugh.

UPS tells us that deliveries can occur even later – sometimes as late as 11 p.m.

The rise in late deliveries some believe is contributing to a rise in thefts.

“I would never have imagined someone coming up on my front step,” Scott Reamy, a Denver resident said.

Reamy believes his daughter's Christmas gift, valued at $400, was stolen from their front porch Tuesday. It was delivered after sunset.

“Devastated... you save up for your kids and want to have the best for Christmas,” Reamy said.

Some tips, according to the USPS, include leaving porch or Christmas lights on if you are expecting a delivery. And of course, checking your porch before you go to bed.

“Sometimes, if it’s too late we don’t knock at all,” Haskell said.

Reporter Joe St. George

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